Is It Spring Yet?

8 Health Benefits of the Spring Season:

  1. Boost to mental health- The longer days, fresh outdoors, and warmer temperature can help you experience more enjoyment while feeling less stressed. Take time to enjoy the greenery and burst of spring colors surrounding you while spending time with friends and family outside.
  2. A spring-cleaned diet- holiday sweets and heavy winter comfort foods make it convenient to gain the unwanted pounds during the colder months. Now is the time to sweep out your cold-weather diet and make room for fresh, local produce. Kale, asparagus, and peas are just a few vitamin-rich vegetables that emerge to their prime during the spring.
  3. More fresh produce in season- many local farmers markets are in full swing and the bounty of fresh produce available makes eating healthy even more delicious. There may be some of your healthy favorites available to you year-round, but now is time to revel in local, seasonal goodies.
  4. More vitamin D- In the winter, vitamin-producing sunlight can be rare to come by. A lack of vitamin D can put our bones at risk, hurt immunity and impair healthy muscle and nerve functioning. The return of spring allows us to more easily soak up with our body needs.
    5. A healthier home- bring the sunshine and fresh air indoors by opening up windows during spring cleaning. Did you know more organization and less clutter in the home can make you more fit? Researchers have found that those who live in orderly homes are more likely to be physically fit than those who live with surrounding clutter.
  5. Say goodbye to winter skin and hair- if you live in an area encompassed of high winds or freezing temperatures during the winter, then you know who much damage is done to your skin and hair. Enjoy these few months before summer’s heat arrives and the frizz factor sets it.
  6. No more excuses to avoid exercise- If winter is too cold and summer is too hot, then spring is your time to enjoy outdoor exercise. With daylight savings, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy evening walks or bike rides with the family. The longer days and moderate temperatures are perfect reasons to take your workout outside.
  7. You’re socializing more- spending time with friends while emerging from your annual winter hibernation helps create a healthy mindset. Say goodbye to cabin fever and enjoy engaging in outdoor activities with friends including lunch in the park, after dinner strolls, working in the garden, etc.

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