What is vertigo?

Vertigo & Vestibular Treatment

What is vestibular training ?

Vertigo is the feeling that your surrounds are spinning around you. Vestibular training includes an exercise based program aimed at improving balance and reducing  symptoms such as dizziness.  Vestibular training has proved to be extremely effective  and will improve a patient’s quality of life.  This therapy  reduces a patient’s risk of falling and  improves daily function by alleviating symptoms.

The hallpike maneuver

The physical therapist  will  move the head and neck in various directions to try and loosen the crystals within the canal.  The PT will ask how the patient feels, if they are experiencing vertigo Symptoms, and watch the movement of the eyes.

The inner ear

Three small structures in the inner ear help sense motion and  maintain balance. Vertigo occurs when the calcium crystals in the inner ear  break free and move into the semicircular canal.


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