TMJ Treatment

Long term consequences of tmj or teeth grinding

Painful sensations when chewing and/or opening-closing  jaw, misalignment of upper and lower teeth, need for surgery, locking of jaw, migraines, and stiffness in jaw muscles.

Biofeedback therapy is a safe and pain free solution! Give it a try today!

How it works?

Electrodes will be placed on the patient’s skin. The electrodes will sensor and process muscle activity signals which can be displayed on a monitor and provide information about the patient’s bodily functions and responses.

People who suffer from teeth grinding or TMJ would benefit from biofeedback. In addition to dental guards, this type of therapy can relieve soreness and discomfort.  Biofeedback can aid in jaw muscle control.

What is Biofeedback therapy?

This type of therapy helps retrain the brain to stop an unwanted behavior. Biofeedback therapy makes the patient aware of unconscious behaviors so they can train the brain and learn how to control and stop the behavior. Biofeedback therapy is proven to be extremely effective.

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