Manual Physical Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is a specialized “hands-on” treatment provided by a physical therapist. Universal Physical Therapy takes a different approach to patient problems from that of other therapy clinics. Universal treatment utilizes a specialized approach to mobilize joints that are restricted and to improve control over joints where excessive mobility is present. Specific soft tissue techniques may also be used to improve the mobility and function of tissue and muscles.

We are able to treat the current symptoms associated with the diagnosis but also address biomechanical deficiencies at play to help further avoid injury with future activity because we spend time properly diagnosing the dysfunction a patient presents with. High-level manual therapy seamlessly integrated with appropriate therapeutic exercise training that is the focus at Universal Physical Therapy.

Our goal at Universal Physical Therapy is to provide an advanced integrated approach to minimize or eliminate your pain, to restore mobility, strength, flexibility and balance as well as to maximize function for activities of daily living, work and recreation.

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